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Free shipping for the holiday

On December 14, 2012

If your shopping isn’t complete, the shipping deadline for holiday items is approaching. As a last push to get you to shop, an estimated 2000 retailers will participate in Free Shipping Day on Monday, December 17. The Free Shipping team put together a handy list of shipping deadlines by retailer. Some say standard shipping orders placed by December 20th will…

How To / Tech

Upgrading your Hotmail account to Outlook

On September 26, 2012

Everyone laughs when I tell them I have a Hotmail account. Yes, it was the first email address I got years ago. Why change something that works and everyone already has? We don’t change our phone numbers anymore so why change my email address? While I’m not ready to change Hotmail is ready to change, but I’ll still get to…

Consumer News

Post Office wants small businesses to keep sending junk mail

On March 20, 2012

Consumers often look for ways to get rid of all their junk mail. It not only reduces waste, but it also reduces your risk for identity theft. Those pre-approved credit card offers are a dream to a thief looking to steal your personal information. There are agencies that help consumers get rid of this unwanted mail. As those campaigns have…

Consumer News

Waiting for a package? Don’t fall for the fake

On January 16, 2012

Waiting on a package from someone? Don’t fall for a bogus email about a delivery or you could install a virus on your machine or have personal information stolen. These types of phishing emails make the rounds. Often, legitimate companies like banks or even the IRS are targeted. The thieves use the legitimate businesses to get you to click on…

Consumer News

What will the Post Office sell next?

On January 14, 2011

If you’ve been to the Post Office lately, you’ve been greeted with an onslaught of questions. The postal clerk is now a salesman. They’re not just asking you if there’s anything liquid or hazardous in your package, they are asking you if you’d like stamps, delivery confirmation, or any other upgrades. I feel bad for the clerks because they’re ignored…