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Post Office wants small businesses to keep sending junk mail

On March 20, 2012

Consumers often look for ways to get rid of all their junk mail. It not only reduces waste, but it also reduces your risk for identity theft. Those pre-approved credit card offers are a dream to a thief looking to steal your personal information. There are agencies that help consumers get rid of this unwanted mail. As those campaigns have…

Saving money

Post Office (USPS) charges $1 fee to change address or forward mail

On September 1, 2011

Moving is always so stressful and expensive. Your to-do list never ends. Changing your address is one of those items on your list that takes organization and patience.┬áMost companies make it easy to go online and make the switch. It’s free for every company, but the United States Post Office (USPS). They only charge a $1 to┬áchange your address, but…