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Social media reactions to Instagram photo changes

On December 19, 2012

When are companies going to learn the power of social media? People now use Twitter and Facebook to complain about their problems and get action on them. They also use social media to vent their opinion about new policies and procedures that impact all users. Yet time and time again we see companies making irrational changes that spark outrage among…

Consumer News

Netflix gets rid of Qwikster

On October 10, 2011

What do you think of Netflix’s reversal? I was surprised when the company announced Qwikster and two separate websites for mail order DVDs and streaming. It just didn’t make sense for customers who were already outraged about the company’s new pricing plan. Instead of just announcing the reasoning behind the pricing, the company announced a new company. Well, the outrage…

Consumer News

Netflix changing DVD mail service to Qwikster

On September 19, 2011

Netflix is changing again, but the CEO says only the name will change and not the price of the service.  The streaming video feature will keep the name “Netflix” and the DVD delivery to your home will become Qwikster. In issuing the latest announcement, the CEO issued an apology to try to appease the critics who have been upset with…