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Saving money

Return policies: some naughty, some nice

On December 3, 2012

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? When deciding what to buy, also consider where to buy. Some return policies are more generous than others. Kohl’s has a very generous return policy. It’s called “Hassle Free Returns” and is quite hassle free. The policy states, “You can return any item, anytime, for a full refund with a receipt. No receipt?…

Solving problems / Tech

Retailer receipts go digital

On November 29, 2012

Stores love to ask for your email address so they can send promotions and coupons. I always say no. I don’t want anymore junk email, but I recently re-considered when a retailer told me they’d send the receipt to my email address. I always lose receipts, and this seemed like a way to solve that problem. E-receipts are gaining in…

Consumer News

Could warranty paperwork be a thing of the past?

On June 6, 2011

Ever have a product break, but you can’t find the warranty paperwork or receipt? According to Near Field Communications World (NFC), you may no longer need to keep track of the paperwork and receipts. All that paper can add up, but now all the essential information could be contained on the product itself. NFC says Indian firm, United Tectsa, has…