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FTC shuts down “Rachel” from Cardholder Services again

On November 1, 2012

In an ideal world, you should no longer hear from “Rachel” with Cardholder Services. The Federal Trade Commission disconnected the lines for five operations the FTC says were responsible for making these Rachel calls. Do I think the calls will stop? Unfortunately, no. It’s the harsh reality of robocalls in 2012. The FTC is getting 200,000 complaints A MONTH on robocalls and…

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FTC takes action to protect Do Not Call list numbers — will “Rachel” from cardholder services stop calling?

On March 29, 2012

“Hello, this is Rachel at Cardholder Services.” Even though it’s an automated message, so many people feel like they know Rachel because she’s called so many times.  Most people don’t want to get to know Rachel. They want her to stop calling, and the Federal Trade Commission says it’s taking action to make sure her robocalls stop. The FTC said…

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Refund forms in the mail for robocaller victims

On February 17, 2011

If you get a claim form in your mailbox from the Federal Trade Commission or a company called Analytics, don’t throw it away. It could get you a refund for an auto warranty you purchased. 11,780 forms were mailed to consumers defrauded by auto warranty robocalls.  The Federal Trade Commission says consumers who received the call and bought warranties from…