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Black Friday Survival Guide

On November 19, 2012

While we typically think of Black Friday as the shopping day after Thanksgiving, the unofficial holiday is getting redefined. Here’s a shopping survival guide.

Consumer News

Turn plastic gift cards into mobile money

On December 29, 2011

Did you get a gift card for the holidays? Instead of burying it in your wallet, how about burying it an app on your phone? Some plastic or paper gift cards can now be converted into mobile versions. There are apps that allow you to store a gift card’s information or some businesses like Target allow you to store the…

Consumer News

Coupon policies continue to change

On July 12, 2011

Extreme Couponing is coming back for season two, as stores continue to alter their coupon policies. You can’t say the changes are because of the show, but it’s interesting how so many stores are tightening their policies. Target’s new policy makes it clear you can only use one Buy One Get One Free coupon, so you can’t get both items…