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Time Warner Cable adds modem fee

On December 17, 2012

With automated bill pay, I pay less attention to my itemized bills. I make sure the debited amount is consistent, and I don’t actually look at the bill unless I notice a different charge. I recently noticed our Time Warner Cable bill increased slightly, so I looked and found a new fee for our cable modem. Time Warner Cable modem…

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App ends customer service hold times

On August 19, 2011

There’s an app you need to try if you are tired of sitting on hold waiting for a customer service representative to talk to you. This app makes them wait on you. It’s called FastCustomer, and it advertises that it’s  “taking the ‘suck’ out of customer service.” It sounds like a good idea, so I put it to the test….

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FCC study finds broadband delivers close to advertised speeds

On August 2, 2011

Ever wonder if you’re getting the advertised speed for internet access? Lots of words have been added to the marketplace, but does turbo really mean anything? According to the Federal Communications Commission, a study found almost all the Internet Service Providers delivered 90% or aboveĀ  the advertised speed even during peak hours. More than three hundred Ohio homes participated in…

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Make free international calls

On March 14, 2011

Whether you have family members in Japan that you want to check on after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, or you are traveling out of the country for spring break, there are ways to call out of the country for free. Freephone2phone allows you to call internationally for ten minutes for free. You dial a local access number, and then…