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Button battery warning: danger to kids

On September 14, 2011

Everyday products in our home like a remote control or bathroom scale may contain a dangerous battery that’s killed 17 children and injured others.  That’s why the Consumer Product Safety Commission is pushing for tougher standards, and a bill is pending in Congress. Companies are heeding the warnings and taking action. At just 15 months old, Carter Howard gave his…

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CPSC issues another fire gel recall

On September 1, 2011

Ceramic fire gel pots are a fire and burn hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued two fire gel recalls. The second one involves 2 million bottles of gel fuels involving multiple brands.

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Crib standards improved – drop side cribs removed from the market

On June 28, 2011

Infant safety is taking a big step forward today as new Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) rules take effect banning drop side cribs.  Manufacturers and stores that sell cribs can no longer make or sell drop-side cribs. That’s the biggest change with these new standards after infants died. From 2005-2010, the CPSC recalled more than 9 million drop-side cribs. Click…

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CPSC investigates claims of injuries from firepots and their fuel

On June 17, 2011

Look around your yard this weekend as there may be a fire hazard. Firepots and the gel that’s used to fuel them are under investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission over reports of injuries.  A national retailer is also pulling the products off store shelves over the alleged safety concerns. The New York Times first reported that two people were severely…

Consumer Tips / Parenting

New resource to report an unsafe product

On March 11, 2011

Before you make your next big purchase for your child or yourself, you may want to look at the product’s safety record. The Consumer Product Safety Commission makes complaints public giving parents insight into potential safety issues.

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Two consumer changes caught in the crosshairs of debate

On February 24, 2011

Two new consumer rules that will transform two different industries are under attack. The Consumer Product Safety Commission will launch a public database in March with consumer complaints about products. The site, Safer Products,  is already taking complaints from parents in advance of the official launch. There is concern the data will be unverified and give anyone the ability to complain about anything….

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CDC releases study on drywall issues

On January 31, 2011

While the drywall problems have not been an issue in Ohio or Missouri like they have in other states, it is a huge consumer issue as 3,794 reports have piled into the government from 42 states.  Residents of newer homes are alleging their health symptoms or corrosion of metal components in their home are due to the problem drywall.  The…

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Crib safety heats up – Illinois AG questions safety of bumpers

On January 13, 2011

If you have a young child, you know the debate over crib safety. Drop side cribs will be banned in June, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission has an entire page dedicated to safe sleeping. The Illinois Attorney General thinks more needs to be done, and sent a letter to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association about the dangers of crib…

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Consumer outlook for 2011

On January 3, 2011

2010 was a ground-breaking year for consumers, as we gain added financial protections.  From credit cards to gift cards, consumers saw change in 2010. 2011 will be full of change, too.  Consumer safety, consumer protection, and consumer prices will be hot topics.  Here’s a look at what I feel will be key issues in 2011. 1.  The new Bureau of Consumer…