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Fannie Mae study shows pessimism growing about economy, home prices, and household fiances

On September 16, 2011

This economic rollercoaster may not be over, as a Fannie Mae National Housing Survey found Americans are getting more pessimistic about the economy, home prices, and household finances. Seventy-eight percent of American said the economy was on the wrong track in the August survey compared with 70-percent in July. Maybe not surprising, but now that pessimism is transferring into other…

Consumer News

Department of Justice tries to stop AT&T / T-Mobile merger

On August 31, 2011

First, consumers sounded off telling the Federal Communications Commission how they felt about the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. Now the Department of Justice is speaking saying this merger could hurt consumers. The DOJ filed a lawsuit to block the merger. For NewsChannel 5, I reviewed the FCC filings made by Ohio residents. I found 94% of Ohio comments…

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Make free international calls

On March 14, 2011

Whether you have family members in Japan that you want to check on after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, or you are traveling out of the country for spring break, there are ways to call out of the country for free. Freephone2phone allows you to call internationally for ten minutes for free. You dial a local access number, and then…