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Indictment in alleged grandparent ripoff

On November 5, 2012

I gave a talk last week, and one man asked me why I thought seniors get taken advantage of so often. Two words: money and trust. That’s why so many have fallen for the “grandparents” scam. Hopefully, an indictment in California will help put a dent in the number of seniors who lose their money because they’re so trusting. There…

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Fannie Mae study shows pessimism growing about economy, home prices, and household fiances

On September 16, 2011

This economic rollercoaster may not be over, as a Fannie Mae National Housing Survey found Americans are getting more pessimistic about the economy, home prices, and household finances. Seventy-eight percent of American said the economy was on the wrong track in the August survey compared with 70-percent in July. Maybe not surprising, but now that pessimism is transferring into other…

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Where were you on 9/11?

On September 11, 2011

It was a hot, late summer day. I was at work early that morning, focused on an investigation into a family that had to leave their home because of dangerous mold. I was headed to Michigan to interview the insurance company. As I gathered my papers, and waited for my photographer I heard a gasp from behind my back as…

Consumer News

Department of Justice tries to stop AT&T / T-Mobile merger

On August 31, 2011

First, consumers sounded off telling the Federal Communications Commission how they felt about the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. Now the Department of Justice is speaking saying this merger could hurt consumers. The DOJ filed a lawsuit to block the merger. For NewsChannel 5, I reviewed the FCC filings made by Ohio residents. I found 94% of Ohio comments…

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Menu changes may impact what you eat

On July 14, 2011

I went to a popular sandwich shop the other day, and was ready to order my usual sandwich when I noticed the calories listed beside the product on the menu board. I was stunned at how many calories were in my favorite sandwich. I usually skip the cheese and the mayo, but even with those missing items the calorie count…

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Unemployed get mortgage assistance

On July 8, 2011

If you are unemployed and having trouble making your mortgage payments, the Obama Administration is offering some relief. The forbearance period will be extended from 3 months to 12 months. Upfront hurdles will also be removed making it easier for unemployed borrowers to qualify. Even if you are seriously delinquent, this program may work for you if you don’t have…

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Make free international calls

On March 14, 2011

Whether you have family members in Japan that you want to check on after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, or you are traveling out of the country for spring break, there are ways to call out of the country for free. Freephone2phone allows you to call internationally for ten minutes for free. You dial a local access number, and then…

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Home energy assessment

On November 10, 2010

A pilot program is being tested in several locations throughout the country, that scores homes based on energy usage. It launched in November 2010 and will last through mid 2011. The goal is to save you money by improving your home’s energy efficiency. A home energy auditor will assess your home and give you a rating of 1 to 10….