How about a little roller derby? If you’re not careful, the rough and tumble, action-packed sporting  event may get a little rough before you arrive at the event.

Consumers have long criticized Ticketmaster for its high fees. They look cheap compared with what a friend recently found when he booked tickets to Roller Derby.

The tickets are not sold on Ticketmaster. To buy them online, you have to buy them from the individual site hosting the roller derby team. Here’s a breakout of the fees:

Tickets: $10
Fee: $4.75 (for 2 tickets)
Order Charge: $3.50 (for 2 tickets)
Delivery Charge: $2.50 (for 2 tickets)

The fees almost double the price of the tickets. The itemized list of fees is clearly displayed for the consumer before they purchase the tickets, so there’s no doubt you’re paying all these fees. However, the fees outrage consumers because they feel they have no choice but to pay them.

In this case, the $2.50 delivery charge is just for the convenience of printing the tickets at home. There’s a charge for all delivery including walking up to will call.

I compared the fees for these two $10 tickets with the fees for $10 tickets to a baseball game bought on Ticketmaster. I selected $10 tickets. While there was a $4.75 fee for the roller derby tickets, Ticketmaster only charged $3.50 for the baseball tickets. Already a $1.25 in savings. Printing at home or mail was free. More savings.

Ticketmaster did not make the order charge available before checkout. So, I checked a previous order for $30+ concert tickets and the processing fee was minimal at just $2.95. For the $10 tickets, the processing or order charge was $3.50.

I called the Wolstein Center and management they said a ticketing system from New Era Tickets. The Center says the fees added to tickets are associated with convenience. The fees are added if you purchase by phone or online which are both the most convenient purchase methods.

The best way to avoid all these fees is to head to the ticket office before the show, or choose an event that’s fee friendly. We recently booked tickets to the Symphony online, and I was shocked when the Symphony didn’t tack on extra charges to the price of our ticket. Maybe they include everything in the ticket fee, but it’s a good business model that doesn’t leave me with a sour taste in my mouth before the event.

If you see lots of fees, shop around. See if there is a way to avoid the fees, or determine if the convenience is really worth the cost.

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