Time Warner cable modem fee With automated bill pay, I pay less attention to my itemized bills. I make sure the debited amount is consistent, and I don’t actually look at the bill unless I notice a different charge. I recently noticed our Time Warner Cable bill increased slightly, so I looked and found a new fee for our cable modem.

Time Warner Cable modem fee

The cable company began charging $3.95 for lease of its cable modem in November. Time Warner said customers were notified in October. I don’t remember seeing it. Perhaps it was on that bill I don’t read. I would have seen an insert because they always fall out of the bill advertising some product I don’t want. I even get emails from Time Warner advertising new products. Apparently, the notice wasn’t in any of those communications that I see. It slipped by in one I didn’t.

buy own modem to avoid cable modem feeIf you’re not happy with the charge, you can buy your own modem from an approved list. They tend to range from $50-150 based on the model you buy.

A Time Warner spokesman said “Modem fees for company-provided modems are standard across the industry. We are one of the last providers to implement the practice and at a much lower rate than most. For instance, WOW charges $5 and up, while Cox charges $6.99.”

It’s another fee companies are passing on to customers. At least we have a way out of this fee. If you plan to keep TWC for awhile, it’s worth it to buy your own.  You’ll pay off the cheapest modem in a year, and the average priced modem of $100 in two years.