tire testBefore you hit for a long road trip this Memorial Day or summer, spend five minutes checking the tire pressure.  It can save your family’s life, and save you money with better gas mileage.

Tire Safety

Tire blowouts are common. They cause accidents and death.

As a consumer reporter for years, I’ve heard the horror stories of families killed after their tire blew on the highway.

Tires shred for many reasons. Tire experts will tell you, though, maintenance is a big problem.

We load our family in our car every day rarely thinking about the tires that keep us safe on the road.

When your tires are improperly inflated, they wear prematurely. Eventually, you can have a blowout.

You can find proof all along the sides of our highways where tire fragments litter the road.

Tire pressure changes with the weather, so it’s important to check it.

Proper tire pressure keeps you safe and saves you money because it improves your gas mileage.

How to check tire pressure

I worked with a AAA tire expert to see how often drivers properly inflate their car tires. Unfortunately, we found most families hit the road and never checked their tires. We found car tires improperly inflated time after time.

The danger is real, Yet, families roll the dice hoping to save a buck. We met one family who knew their tires were in bad shape. However, they still took a road trip with those bad tires because they wanted the tires to last a few more months. Is your life really worth that risk?

Properly inflated tires keep you safe and improve your gas mileage by 3.3%.

Many cars have TPMS or a tire pressure monitoring system. TPMS alerts drivers when their tires are low. However, don’t rely on the readings. It’s technology, so it’s not perfect.

Before you can check your tire pressure, you need to know the optimal pressure or PSI.

To find out the proper tire pressure, check your owner’s manual or the inside of your driver’s side door.

Firestone also has a handy digital tire pressure tool that will tell you the appropriate PSI.

Once you know what the tire pressure should be, grab a tire pressure gauge, and check each tire. You can buy the old school pencil-style tire pressure gauge or a digital one, that gives you a precise reading. The digital tire pressure gauge is only a few dollars more.

KAL Tire suggests filling your tires slightly under the maximum PSI.

Tire pressure varies with the temperature outside. So, check your tire’s every 30 days, when the weather increases or decreases by 10 degrees, or when you get gas.

At the very least, take five minutes before your next road trip and check your car’s tire pressure. Your family’s life depends on it.