Courtesy Visa

Interested in a credit card? A tool by Credit Karma allows you to search for the card that best fits your needs, and you’ll be able to see the likelihood that you’ll be approved and the amount.

With the tool Credit Card Statistics, you can search cards based on the average user rating, average approved credit score, average credit limit, average household income, average cardholders age, and the card’s market share.

The BMW Platinum Visa Card appears at the top of the list when you sort by user ratings, but the average household income for cardholders is over $95,000. The card that offers the highest average credit limit is the PenFed Visa Classic with a limit over $15,000. It gets four stars.

The card with the lowest average cardholder is the CitiForward Card for College Students with the average age of 24. It fares pretty well is user reviews with a four star rating. You’ll need an average credit score of 683 to qualify.

Credit Karma says it reviews over 5,000,000 credit card accounts to compile the database.

Even if your credit score is in the 500’s, there are cards that may qualify you. It’s all about knowing where to search for the best deal. CreditCards also offers you great options and breaks down the terms of the card, and Bankrate has a great search tool that allows you to look at other features like rewards.  Ignore all those offers that come in the mail, and expand your search so you can ensure you are truly getting the best deal.