If you get an email about a traffic ticket, the Ohio Attorney General says use caution before responding to it. The AG says the names of legitimate police departments are being used to trick consumers into a traffic ticket scam.

The email has a link which is allegedly a copy of the traffic ticket you need to fill out and mail in. However, the AG says the file is believed to have a Trojan horse or other unknown viruses embedded in the message. The Trojan gives the attacker access to your computer.

While I haven’t seen this email, many of these scams have warning signs. For example, if you hover over the link you’ll see the true address that the link will take you to. Often, it’s not an official site associated with the supposed agency that sent you the email. Also, check the return email address to see if it’s legitimate. Finally, most government and financial institutions will not email you and ask you to download a file or ask you to verify information over email. When you get a suspicious email, call the agency that supposedly sent it to you before clicking or giving any information as you may be handing it over to an attacker.

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