Unique Valentines Day gifts

Flowers, jewelry, and chocolates are the top Valentine’s Day gifts. Sometimes the original gifts are most romantic. Here are 5 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Hint, hint for all the men out there.

Homemade Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Homemade Valentine's Day gifts

You’ve heard the saying – it’s the thought that counts. While it’s nice to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day, there’s not a whole lot of thought that goes into an arrangement. Especially if it’s a dozen roses. A unique and original homemade gift is more thoughtful.

If you still want to stick to flowers, the 4 questions you need to ask your florist.

You can go big or small with a homemade gift. An original, homemade gift is special and unique. Either way, thought went into selecting the right gift.

Husbands may not be surprised if their wife makes a gift. After all, women are known to be crafty. However, if a husband makes his wife a gift, it’s so special. We are talking major bonus points.

Cross off that item on your spouse’s honey-to-do list or even better make something your spouse would never expect but you know he or she will love. A home made item goes a long way toward showing your love.

If you need ideas or inspiration, head over to Pinterest.

If you don’t want to make something, try something new. Book a unique adventure.

5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas you both can share

Valentine’s Day is not about one spouse or the other. It’s about the love you share together. So, I like activities you can do together or gifts that celebrate both of you.

**All opinions and suggestions in this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I am compensated if you decide to purchase the product listed. 

A Year Worth of Date Nights unique Valentine's DayA year worth of date nights

Moms and dads need time for themselves, but rarely give it to one another. The Farm Girl Gabs even has a printout of date ideas including a bike ride, wine and chocolate night, star gazing, dancing lessons and more. A cute gift. Just make sure you follow-through and go on one date each month.

The Dating Divas put together 100 date night ideas. Sometimes I think staying at home is more fun than going out. It takes planning and creativity.

Be a tourist in your own city

Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Look up the top things to do in your city, or nearby, and plan a fun day date. Go ice skating or visit a museum you normally don’t visit. Take a beer or food tour / class. Many colleges offer food classes. If you can’t think of unique ideas, head over to TripAdvisor and look for the top attractions in your city.

Book a session for a painting or art class

Painting classes are popular, but there are other options too. Studios offer more than just canvas painting. Try something new like string art, glass etching, hand painted wood signs, or tye dyed art. Don’t forget the wine and snacks!

Groupon and LivingSocial are great places to look for deals on art classes. Look for discount codes to save even more.

Create your “Love Story”

Buy a journal and fill in your love story. Amazon has love story journals about your spouse and about both of you . Then fill the book with memories, date ideas, and thoughts about why your significant other makes you feel special.

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Post-it note Valentine's Day ideaShare memories on Post-it Notes

Take Post-it Notes, and write romantic things on them about your significant other. You can use regular notes, or heart shaped Post-it Notes. Perhaps add in a date night or breakfast in bed. Take all the Post-it notes and form a heart.

**All opinions and suggestions in this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I am compensated if you decide to purchase the product listed.