Waiting on a package from someone? Don’t fall for a bogus email about a delivery or you could install a virus on your machine or have personal information stolen.

These types of phishing emails make the rounds. Often, legitimate companies like banks or even the IRS are targeted. The thieves use the legitimate businesses to get you to click on the link.

The United States Postal Service says the email claims to be from them, but it contains fraudulent information about an an attempted or intercepted delivery. The USPS says you’re told to click on a link to learn more. The USPS says the link will download a virus that can steal your personal information like your user name, password, and possibly more.

Before you click on a link, check the sender. The thieves are getting sophisticated so they’re doing better about faking the email address of the sender. Also, hover over any links. This is usually the best sign of a scam. When you hover, you’ll see the real web address the link will direct you to. Finally, most companies won’t have you verify information through an email link. There is tracking offered by the postal service, but you probably won’t get a package unless you ordered it.