As a consumer reporter, my Inbox and Voicemail fill every day with problems from consumers. I treasure these tips as I respect your trust in me but also sharing your story helps others. At the same time, it’s disheartening to know there are so many people out there trying to ripoff the public.  It empowers me to do more stories and find more ways to educate you. My ultimate goal is to help you avoid a ripoff. You shouldn’t have to work hard to get what you paid for, after all, you already worked hard to earn that money!

That’s why I started and then It’s a way to give you easy access to all the tips and tricks I teach you on a nightly basis. Throughout the last ten years, I’ve developed an arsenal full of money saving advice. This blog gives me an easy way to share my knowledge and tips with you, while giving you an easy way to search for it.

Some of the stories on my homepage will be my NewsChannel 5 stories, and others will be consumer news I think you need to know. Plus, if you browse my tabs you’ll be able to find all those money-saving tips year round just when you need them.

I’d love to hear from you, and look forward to your input. After all, this blog is to empower you!